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Fun side

I’m a freelance screenwriter and content writer who’s been coming up with stories since the time I had to lie to my classmates so that they would like me. I’ve worked with several production companies and written everything from comedy to thriller, book adaptations to fake commercials, which went viral! Yeah! You hear that mom! I made it! Anyway, I love to write! My life would be super weird if I did anything else. Like that time everyone wore gladiator sandals. Remember that? Like was everyone in a constant Gladiator falshmob?… Where was I? Oh, writing. I love to work with others and try to find new ways to tell a story. I’m a firm believer that you need to have a lot of bad ideas to get to the good ones. So let me be your bad idea that turns the good one you never thought you’d have!
Feel free to contact me in any way. Except for pigeons. Cause you know… animal cruelty and stuff…