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16 Random Things

You don’t know me… yet. So here’s a list that hopefully will help you get over that. Some facts. Some opinions. Some perspectives. 
1. The best ideas are simple to explain but hard to execute. 
2. Humor is a great tool to connect with people.
3. I grew up on Nile City and can (almost) cite the entire show.
4. My mom thought I hade autism. I didn’t. 
5. During my lifetime, I wanted to be (in chronological order) a soccer player, a pilot, a psychologist, a writer, a musician, a writer again. 
6. I love satire and consider Monthy Python and Killinggänget to be pure genius.
7. Regularly overuse the word genius.
8. Anything can always be funnier.
9. I know waaaaay too much about 90’s and early 2000’s RnB.. 
10. I have a metabolism like a ten year old which caused some slight irritation among friends.
11. I don’t have a lot of friends. 
12.. I love food and would rather cook for five hours than drink for five hours. But combining the two of them? I believe that’s what heaven is like. 
13. I was a decent soccer player for a while.
14. I believe Hayao Miyazaki is a walking genius (there it is again!). I grew up in his movies and will force my children to do the same. 
15. I have a step-cat named Lucifer and she looks at me funny when I’m home alone. But we high-fived once so I think we’re on good terms atm. 
16. I believe that a screenplay should be written as if the main character herself is writing the story. So if she’s swears a lot, there’s gonna be a lot of swearing. 
Bonus. If you got something that connects with people, share it.